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Toddler Drum Set

Welcome to our site! Here you can find all you need to know about toddler drum sets, used to introduce youngsters to music and be a source of fun. This type of toy enhances concentration skills and hand-eye coordination. A toddler drum set is an entertaining way for your child to learn rhythm and perhaps even become a more intelligent individual.

Research proves that early childhood music and musical play improve a child’s cognitive skills. For instance, early childhood specialists conducted a study which examined preschoolers who had music lessons over a period of months. They showed a marked difference between their peers who had no music lessons, improving their ability to copy color patterns, work mazes and draw geometric figures. Proficiency in these areas reflects the foundation of complex thought processes found in math and science.

Wooden Childrens Drum Set

A wooden toddler drum set not only stimulates hand-eye coordination and improves concentration skills, but it also helps a child to release stress. Children are able to pretend to be a musician and perform on their very own instrument. This activity can boost a kid’s confidence level and rouse his imagination. A toddler drum is designed for toddler-sized hands, meaning your little one can make music with ease. Other drums include a drumstick with a rubber head intended to soften the sound it produces.

Many wooden drum sets are made from chemical-free rubber wood and coated with nontoxic, fun colors. Yes, just because the drums are composed of wood does not mean that you are sacrificing your child’s safety.

Some wooden drums have a melodic sound when they are played. A toddler can then experiment with finding various notes on the drum by playing it in different places on its surface.

Plastic Childrens Drum Set

Popular brands, like Little Tikes, Leap Frog and Fisher Price, produce plastic toddler drum sets. These drums include all the benefits of a wooden drum, increasing confidence level, arousing a growing imagination and teaching basic musical principles. Plastic drums also come equipped with many other learning exercises. Some teach the alphabet, numbers, English, Spanish and more. Others are adorned by pictures of children’s favorite television characters. Some drums even can be used in the water during bath time. One drum fits several other instruments inside it.

Young toddlers, even infants, typically can play with plastic drums, while many wooden drums are designed for at least 3-year-olds. This musical play allows a baby to develop gross motor skills by crawling, tapping and moving to the music emitted from a plastic drum.

Keep In Mind

Be sure to check the suggested age range for a childrens drum set. Most will give a minimum age, which should be abided, since the product was produced for children at a particular level. Younger kids may be injured, such as choking on a small part, if they use a drum intended for someone older.

Please read the instruction manual that comes with your childrens drum set so that you can best utilize all of its functions. This way, your child can reap the most benefit and enjoyment from a toy drum.

For information on mini-sized, real drum sets, see the Childrens Drum Set page.






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